Few people can run the machine as well as Mr Smith.

He stooped down and pulled out a large box, filled quite full with shining gold pieces.


The rabbit is eating a carrot.

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Pierce whatever ear you want. It doesn't mean you're gay.

It cost no less than fifty dollars to get home from the airport.

I want to play foosball.

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I asked Sanjay where he had bought his car.

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Herve can't make it to class today.

Orville fell off of his motorcycle.

My mother disapproves of too much exercise right after lunch.


Donal can ride a horse.

Jorge and Victor aren't John's real parents.

Let's arrange for a 7:00 a.m. wake-up call.

Give us three minutes.

Modern ships only need a small crew.

Amedeo is preparing for a test.

She loves the child as if it were her own.

Sometimes, life is difficult and painful.

Look at the price tag.

Somebody might've followed you.

Dominick is in some sort of coma.

I think it true.

There was no fresh meat in the market today, so you'll have to content yourselves with something out of a tin.

The weather was gorgeous.

I know him by his first name.


He's a skater.

Show him what you're capable of.

You need a refresher course.

My harsh words bruised her feeling.

I weigh 70 kilos, give or take a few kilos.

He is our teacher of English.

The principal called the teachers into his office.

I'm not an officer.

There's nothing going on between Torsten and me.

What should we do with these holey socks?

Does Izchak know where Rayan is?

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Randell can't pronounce Stan's last name.

He is going to leave tomorrow afternoon.

I'm going to let you go now.


You're not a serious mathematician unless you crumple up a piece of paper in frustration every twenty minutes, look off into space, and appear to be questioning your very existence.

Curtis didn't have on his shoes.

You know times have changed when rivals like Hitachi and NEC get together.

I don't have a knife.

It sounds like you have a plan.

Can you see the picture?

I'm not in love with Guillermo.


He had just finished his homework when the clock struck ten.

I never even saw it.

Her name was changed to protect her identity.


The picture is hung crooked.


When does spring start?

Maybe I drink too much.

I didn't think you even liked me.


I am to have lunch with him.

I think that's the guy who attacked me.

Let me treat you next time, then.

The widow was dressed in black.

She was a perfectly self-possessed child.

When would you like us to have her over for dinner?

Please don't write to me again.


Let's discuss it.

Pratap would've been very proud of you.

Our conversation was interrupted by his sneezes.


She spoke with tears in her eyes.

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He has half as many books as I.

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Lievaart and Bruce are arguing about something.

I need help from several people.

Jane seems to be very rich.

Alice slid down the long slide.

Can you back off just a little, please?


It's a very dangerous system.

Don't stoop to Lou's level.

Danny is uncultured, isn't he?


I forced her to do my homework.

The lion is eating meat.

You make me feel so guilty.

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Do the unexpected.

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Valeria handed in a blank test paper.

I'll see them around.

Can I hang out here till seven?


Once upon a time there was a dwarf that lived in the forest.

We live on planet Earth.

Mah was also having fun.

I just got to the station. I'll be waiting for you at the library.

The game made him excited.

I've got to shave before leaving.

This is so random.

They named their dog Lucky.

Did you see anything of interest?

I've heard from him.

Germany is expecting about 1.5 million asylum seekers this year.

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I still can't figure that out.

Never mind that right now.

I'm not going out tonight.

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Please don't mistake my meaning.

Jurevis is Rees's youngest sister.

Tomas read everything very carefully.

Does it matter to you what other people think?

I saw many people starving to death on TV.

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Just tell me what to do.

If we stop here, we'll be right back where we started!

Do you know who Alice's new date is?

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How can you lose?

What did you decide?

Jan is kind to everybody.

I also lost my cell phone!

Ask him instead.


Anton accelerated.

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This place is overpriced.


This album features vocals by James Taylor.


I don't think that Christie will want to go with us.


Olaf demanded his money back.

Briggs is still wearing his work clothes.

He lived in the days when air travel was considered dangerous.

He was supposed to come.

In the United States everybody is of the opinion that they have no social superiors, since all men are equal, but they do not admit that they have no social inferiors.

He is always complaining of his room being small.

I persuaded him to give up the idea.


In the end she chose another kitten.

Seymour doesn't like hot food.

Everyone, please keep to netiquette.

Do you think you can make it to the party?

She gets up the earliest in my family.


She has to lie to her family about her boyfriend.


Roberta lacks emotional intelligence.

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Why are you not satisfied?


He's a cardiologist.

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I've been lurking all night, waiting for you to come out of your bedroom.

Don't attempt to do this by yourself.

This is pretty extreme.

Please tell me it's a joke.

Jacob is clearly losing.

I knew you'd been to Boston.

Claudia obviously doesn't want it.

Someone might try to steal it.

I said such horrible things about him.

There is no living on the island.

In the morning it was very cold.

We asked for a meeting.

My mother hummed to herself as she went about her cooking in the kitchen.

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You look pale today.

I'll not forget that.

We'll be in touch if we have any further questions.

Have you got a pet?

I'm fixing the radio which I found on my way home.

We can't prevent Reinhard from seeing Dalton.

Vassos jacked up the car.

We're going to watch the game together.

I wish that I were young again.

Jon was sent to a state penitentiary.

It was exactly like you said it would be.


In the 22nd century, many technological innovations will be introduced.

When were you busy yesterday?

Just looking at her, you can tell that she likes you.


How long have you and Sundar been roommates?

I have to admit that I never thought of that.

You should apologize to Brandi.


I can't talk to Tolerant right now.

He is a good violinist.

Margot began to shoot at the police car.